Hello from Coach Sarah
My name is Sarah Vigil, but to your children I’m Coach Sarah. I am a lead coach for SoccerKids programs in Marin County. I have over 25 years playing experience, including being a member of the UC Berkeley Women’s Soccer Team, and have been teaching children the game of soccer for over 10 years. I currently hold the United States Soccer Federation “E” coaching license.

Prior to joining Soccerkids I received my California Clear Teaching Credential in Early Childhood, Master’s degree in Elementary Education, and was a founding teacher at Cow Hollow Preschool in San Francisco.

I believe that children have amazing potential and through the developmentally appropriate curriculum SoccerKids provides, will have fun learning and playing the sport. I have spent the past 10 years advocating for children and I continue to do so with Soccerkids. I love working with children and find them brilliant little people! Watching them grow and learn in a non-competitive atmosphere makes me feel lucky and excited to go to work everyday. I can truly say “I love my job!”



Hello from Coach Mike!
My name is Mike Karr, but I have been Coach Mike for over 13 years now. I grew up playing soccer in Rochester, NY. Before moving to California in 1997 to play with the former USL San Francisco Seals, I trained with the USL team Rochester Raging Rhinos. When my playing career ended, I put my education degree to use, but soon realized coaching soccer was my passion.

I began coaching with Coach Jaime back in 2000. He started SoccerKids and I founded the Pacific Soccer Academy (PSA) in Los Gatos. After 10 years as the Academy Director of Coaching and shaping PSA into a nationally accredited soccer Academy that places players into the collegiate, national and international levels, I am excited to come full circle and be back coaching with Jaime again!

A father of two girls, I understand the importance of building a strong foundations for lasting success and enjoyment of any activity in which they take part. A major goal of mine while acting as Director of Coaching at PSA was to reverse the trends that lead to over 60% of youth players nationally to drop out of soccer after the age of twelve. Programs like SoccerKids are akin to pre–school for your childs primary education. A proper introduction to soccer during the early formative years will pay dividends well into their adult lives. Because very few will go on to professional careers, building that foundation and love for soccer will do much more for your child and the game.



Hello from Coach Alicia!My name is Alicia St. John and I couldn’t be happier to be known as Coach Alicia by the SoccerKids in Marin! I absolutely love children and soccer! I started playing soccer when I was 8 and played on recreation and select teams from that point forward. I was a New Jersey State Champion soccer player three years in a row during high school. But more important than winning was the fact that I had superb coaching that kept the focus on fun, effort and sportsmanship first!

I graduated from Colgate University in NY, and have a Masters in Physical Education from California State University at East Bay. I currently have the California Youth Soccer Association “E” and “F” coaching licenses and I have taken all the Positive Coaching Alliance Courses developed out of Stanford. The SoccerKids curriculum and coaching staff are phenomenal and I am honored to be a part of such a fabulous program that truly puts children, learning, sportsmanship, and fun first!

Every day when I walk on to the field, the kids never cease to amaze me with the funny and creative things they say and do! Thank you to all of our parents for sharing your precious spunky little ones with me!




Hello from Coach Shawn!

I am a head coach for SoccerKids in San Francisco and a team training coach for soccer and baseball . After my college goalkeeping days came to an end, I started teaching children the game of soccer. Ten years and several coaching licenses later, I am excited to share the world’s most popular sport with your children.

Some of you may be asking “why soccer?” Most of us live very urban lifestyles in SF, which includes tight living quarters and even tighter schedules. Children need outdoor activities that make them happy, keep them engaged, and help them stay fit. The playground is a great outlet, but a structured play time that teaches them a sport they can play for the rest of their lives is invaluable.

Soccer, by far, is the most age-appropriate first sport for children. Unlike baseball and other sports that use hands, kicking a soccer ball incorporates the same large motor skills children use to walk. Hand-eye coordination develops later in life. Aerobically, the degree of activity a child gets playing soccer is many times that of the most demanding baseball game. The simplicity of the game is perfect for the young player. A coach need only point in the correct direction and remind them “NO HANDS FOR SOCCER!”



Hello from Coach Toni!
My name is Toni Sander and each week, as Coach Toni, I have the honor of not only teaching your children the beautiful game of soccer, but also contributing to your child’s growth and development through this fantastic program we know as SoccerKids.
I have played soccer for most of my life, starting at the youth level in AYSO with parent coaches, high school and three years of club soccer. My ‘career’ has spanned college intramurals, women’s premier and semi-pro at the regional level. My most exciting memories are having had the opportunity to play against the likes of Sissi, Brandi Chastain and the Japanese National Women’s team. Soccer has been a lifelong passion of mine and I will continue to play until I can’t!

Off the field, I am a social worker by training. I spent ten years in the fields of mental health and child welfare working with children and families before stopping to start a family of my own. I realized SoccerKids would be a great opportunity to return to my work with children in a positive, creative environment teaching a sport that I love.


LetyHello from Coach Lety!
My name is Lety Byrne, also known as Coach Lety to the SoccerKids of Marin and San Francisco. I grew up in the Central Valley playing soccer at the young age of 4 and well into my young adult years both for fun and competitively. As a current Early Childhood Education major in SF, I have learned the proper tools to help children develop basic soccer skills and even enhance their social skills on and off the soccer field. I find soccer to be an amazing sport to help younger children develop their motor skills and spatial awareness while most of all having FUN.
My professor said something yesterday that made me say hmmmmm. He wondered why parents were adamant about a licensed trained professional for their child’s education prior to 3pm, but not afterwords. It made me appreciate the SoccerKids program and it’s part in hiring staff that are trained in childhood education.
As a head coach for SoccerKids, I hope to use my education to help leave a positive impact on your child’s experience with soccer while helping them love the sport just as much as I do.