Hello from Coach Miles!
Hi there! I’m Miles Simcox, or coach Miles. I grew up in Los Angeles as a full blown sports geek and aficionado. I played and excelled in every major sport in organized leagues until high school, when I dropped everything to pursue my baseball career full time. That dream came to an end shortly after beginning my collegiate career at USF, where I earned a B.A. in Media Studies/Film. I have since relocated to Marin and found an amazing opportunity to become part of the TeeBallKids team!

Growing up the son of an elementary and pre-K teacher I was frequently around children. I observed and participated in a structured educational environment. As I grew older, I quickly picked up skills and methods in connecting with and helping children learn. Those experiences have proved invaluable within the TeeBallKids world. I have worked in the past as a summer sports-camp counselor and have 2 toddler sisters, all contributing to my ability to facilitate a positive and fun environment for your children. I come to class with a smile on my face every day and truly feel profound joy from being a role model and mentor, in and outside the confines of the game of baseball itself.